Pictures from Part Two of our Vegan Permaculture Design Course 2017

Such an incredible five days! Here are the pictures from the second part of this year’s Vegan Permaculture Design Course. Thanks so much again to everyone for making it a great experience.

IMG_7453 IMG_7381 IMG_7391 IMG_7414 IMG_7469 IMG_2111 IMG_7413 IMG_7514 IMG_7518 IMG_2094 IMG_2100 IMG_7330 IMG_7489 IMG_7447 IMG_7478 IMG_7535 IMG_2114 IMG_7315 IMG_7405 IMG_7450 IMG_7471 IMG_7451 IMG_7480 IMG_20170704_125957 IMG_7332 IMG_7417 IMG_7423 IMG_7448 IMG_7402