Permaculture & Prisons – Links & Resources

11988387_10100693162039528_8835564363152959701_nYesterday afternoon I was honoured to facilitate a workshop about permaculture and prisons at the International Permaculture Conference 2015. This post is to share some of the key resources from the session & link up other work in this field.

For those that don’t know me, prisons and permaculture have never been separate. In 2009 I accessed a grant to undertake a permaculture design course via distance learning in prison with ACS Education. I was serving a 3.5 year sentence and working in the gardens inside. Learning about design completely changed my life. Since getting out I have become more & more involved in the permaculture movement and wider struggles around land, food and prison abolition.

I feel like the workshop was a pivot point for me after years of trying to connect the dots, heal from the everything I saw and experienced, cope with supporting closed friends still incarcerated and find some points of intervention that contribute to designing the prison industrial complex out of existence.

Here are some resources from my work on this to date:

More General Resources about Prison Abolition