Welcome to the pages about my learning adventures with Gaia University, an action-learning based institution for higher learning rooted in the Permaculture ethics offering bachelors, masters and post-graduate degrees for action-learning project work in personal, cultural, and planetary transformation.

Based in the United States but offering programs internationally, Gaia U is the most radical, liberatory educational approach I have ever experienced. In October 2012 I graduated with a BSc Integrative Ecosocial Design and began my MSc Political Agroecology in February 2013.

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I will be progressively updating my MSc work online, to see my Bachelors portfolio, please use the links below.

BSc Integrative Ecosocial Design Portfolio

This Life & Career Review is a reflection of my life experiences and prior learning to date. These reviews form the first part of any learning pathway undertaken with Gaia U.
This Learning Intentions Pathway Design details my desired skills, knowledge and experience at the start of my BSc with Gaia U and how I intend to achieve them.

This output captured and reflected on the energy I use in my life to work for Food Sovereignty. It aimed to explore the personal and political dimensions of this framework with attention on how I can organise more effectively.

This output centered on producing a permaculture design and achievable implementation plan for my family’s 4 acre smallholding that allows for maximum self-reliance, biodiversity, beauty and benefit to the community.
This output describes the journey in re-designing my life, my Zone 00, in January 2012 to support me to feel more effective, happy and healthy.
This output supported me to explore my community organising commitments and if and how permaculture can be applied to social struggle, not just in ways of living but in challenging oppressive systems.
The aim of this output report was to capture the key learnings & unlearnings from my year of action learning with Gaia University.
The Transformative Action Learning Certificate is a series designed by Gaia U to bring together learning threads not offered elsewhere, around action learning, oppression, managing time & promises and more. These are my notes from the course.