Welcome to my pages that disseminate the work I have undertaken in completing the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, a three year self-directed action learning diploma that has stretched and supported my development as a permaculture designer from January 2011- November 2013. Click here to read more about the Diploma system itself.

On these pages you will find:

  • A review of my relevant activities
  • My Permaculture Designers CV that gives an overview of my design work, skills and experience.
  • My portfolio featuring the 10 designs I have chosen to accredit.

Review of Relevant Activities

The link here to this spreadsheet gives an overview of all the permaculture-related work I have been doing over the last three years.

You can also read my blog entries here that share more information, pictures and stories of these activities.

Curriculum Vitae

Nicole Vosper CV by NicoleEmptyCages

Ten Designs

alpThe design for my action learning pathway, detailing my goals and visions and how to achieve them as part of the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.
brookendbuttonA comprehensive design of my family’s four-acre smallholding & LAND Learner Centre in Somerset.

SuzbuttonA consultancy project for a small home garden in Shropshire.

zonebuttonA re-design of my life using permaculture principles to enable me to feel more focused, balanced and productive.
button1An integrative social design for Somerset Community Food; designing a regional food project to strengthen food sovereignty & sustainable food webs in Somerset.
greenacresbuttonA design consultancy project for a client living on the Somerset Levels, with the aim to support wildlife, increase manageable food production & support spiritual connection.
FFSbuttonA design applying permaculture principles to campaign work for a local group organising around the prevention of fracking in Somerset.
libpermcourseMy design for a 3 day course focusing on placing permaculture in a wider context of social change, and the role of the design process in ecological resistance and radical community organising.
stwerburghsA design for a medicinal allotment supporting community based Herbalists from the Rhizome Community Clinic in St Werburghs, Bristol.
BFAS-designA design for a vegan farm animal sanctuary in Northamptonshire to support with erosion control, biodiversity optimisation, people and animal care.