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Anarchism & Permaculture: Why growing up an anarchist has made me a better permaculture designer

The weekend after next two rad events are happening in my favourite city – Bristol Anarchist Bookfair and the National Permaculture Diploma Gathering. Both are usually two of my favourite events but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be getting to either due to the ...Read More

Learning from the Heathrow 13: Reflections on struggle, repression and prison

 From: https://bristolabc.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/learning-from-the-heathrow-13-reflections-on-struggle-repression-and-prison/ This is an article by Free to Fight, a collective of anarchist organisers based in England who have experienced the impacts of repression first hand. We have served lengthy prison and suspended prison sentences for our involvement in animal liberation campaigning and ...Read More