IMG_2144Agroecology is the application of ecology to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems. It is a whole-systems approach to agriculture and food systems development based on traditional knowledge, alternative agriculture, and local food system experiences. To learn more about agroecology, read my page ‘What is Agroecology?’ here.

Agroecology has been described as a science, practice, and movement. I’m interested in how these threads weave together.

My work in Agroecology

  • Science – you can see blog posts relating to the science of agroecology here, this is where I share interesting articles from studies, participatory research trials, and more.
  • Practice – agroecology is practical. It is not just a theoretical concept. It is about learning from the soil, from observations, from new and old practices. You can see blog posts relating to my practical applications of agroecology here, as well as resources around practical ways to change our growing systems and food systems. My own practical experience includes managing a 4-acre site demonstration site, Brook End, developing Feed Avalon and developing my skills as an agroecologist.