Welcome to the website of Nicole Vosper. I’m an anarchist organiser, agroecologist and designer based in Somerset in the south west of England.

The mission of Empty Cages Design is to inspire, resource and support individuals and groups to work for radical social and ecological transformation to create a world without cages.

I use Empty Cages Design as a container for my work in the world. My vision is a world without cages – where animals are living self-determining lives free from captivity, where humans are no longer warehoused in prisons and detention centres, where people live in rich relationship with their land-bases and communities are free from oppression and domination.

This means dismantling capitalism, industrial animal agriculture, the prison system and all the systems of oppression built on years of violence, colonialism, slavery and oppression. Empty Cages Design contributes to this work with a dedication to organising and collective action, popular education, militant research, project support and grassroots consultancy, as well as through growing nourishing food and making plant medicines. This website aims to document my work, share resources and inspire a commitment to liberation.

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Please note this website has been archived! Check out my new websites at: www.solidarityapothecary.org (herbalism & burnout blogs) and www.nicoleroseecology.org (agroecology)